PUBLISH DATE: 5th February 2002

Chris Farlowe It is not the first time that the Rhythm and Blues All Stars have played a concert in Regensburg's No. 1 (and sold-out) music club, Alte Maelzerei.

The line-up of the band was different this year, but they had
Chris Farlowe on lead vocals again.

I've seen Chris Farlowe several times before, but what he did last Friday I have never witnessed before. He made lots of jokes and sang with different styles of voice. He also had lots of power and danced on the stage.
Chris recited the songs with lots of changes from the usual arrangements. The All Stars consisted of some legendary musicians on stage. Chris Farlowe, Pete York, Colin Hodgkinson, Miller Anderson and Albie Donnelly. These people still have so much fun in playing their music after all these years. 
Albie Donnelly
Colin Hodgkinson At the end of 'In The Heart Of The City', Chris sang with a falsetto - voice! and Miller Anderson went to his microphone and copied Chris's voice. Chris at this point sang "you cannot sing like me", to which Millers replies "I cannot sing like you, but I can play the guitar better than you", both were laughing, Chris singing "oh yes I cannot play the guitar"...
There was so much emotion at this gig, all the other members of the band where laughing about Chris and Miller's antics, especially Pete who is a good storyteller in his own right. He was telling stories using a strange combination of English and German languages! It was great!

It didn't matter which songs the band played, '
Keep On Running', 'The Thrill Has Gone' or whether the songs were not as well known, every note was great. Every minute of this concert was full of life, that's exactly what music was made for. Unfortunately there are not many musicians these days that can perform and act like the Rhythm and Blues All Stars, what a pity.
Chris and Miller Anderson