PUBLISH DATE: 20th April 2002


Chris Farlowe & The Norman Beaker Band in Berlin, Quasimodo / April 12, 2002

It was a long time waiting, but after 3 years and some months Chris Farlowe and the Norman Beaker Band returned to the Quasimodo in Berlin to launch their CD 'Glorybound'.

Norman and the Group opened the concert with '
Option On You Baby' , which is a title from their latest Album 'Who's He Calling Me Him?' before Chris finally entered the stage in very good mood. He welcomed the audience as usual in his very own friendly style. From the beginning the sound was excellent (thanx to the technical staff). Chris and the band were in very good form and Chris made many jokes in between, for example about his accident with his broken leg 4 years ago, when he had a gig in Berlin at the same venue which he performed with the broken leg.
 Chris Farlowe

Dave Lewis John Price & Paul Burgess Norman Beaker
They played two sets this evening with a break of 20 minutes. (Chris said): "We'll take 20 Minutes break for English tea and biscuits, yes that's necessary, these men are old". Chris' comments and jokes were , as usual partly in German and partly in English, which makes it even more funny. Highlights of the first set were 'Lonesome Road', 'Tough On Me, Tough On You' and of course 'Stormy Monday Blues', which presented Norman Beaker as an excellent guitar player and Dave Lewis as an excellent Saxophonist.

Set two started with '
A Little Hollywood' by the Norman Beaker Band, after which Chris introduced the Band's line-up this evening. I have already mentioned Norman Beaker & Dave Lewis, who is an excellent saxophone player. To complete the line-up, there were from Manchester (the Karl-Marx-Stadt of England) Paul Burgess (dr), John Price (b) and Dave Baldwin (keyb) who is from Birmingham.

Highlights of the second set were '
The Guitar Don't Lie' and 'Handbags And Gladrags', which was one of Chris' great hits (Chris said): "I sang this for the Kaiser's Hochzeit in 1907", which was another fine joke. 'The Guitar Don't Lie' again featured Norman as an excellent guitar-player and Chris' voice communicating with Norman's guitar. Between two songs Chris asked the audience: "Do you remember Norman from 4 years ago? Well, he had no more children since then. No longer the Sperminator".

The atmosphere in the small venue was really good and Chris was communicating with the audience. In the end they played 3 extra tracks, including '
Miss You Fever', 'Rock And Roll Soldier' and 'Moanin'. Chris, still in a very good mood after the gig, signed his records and talked with his fans and everybody was happy and hoping for another Chris Farlowe concert in Berlin.

Set 1: Set 2: Encore (Extra Tracks):
1. Option On You Baby *
2. Blues As Blues Can Get
3. Lonesome Road
4. All Or Nothing
5. Tough On Me, Tough On You
6. Shaky Ground
7. Stormy Monday Blues
8. A Little Hollywood *
9. I Got The Blues
10. The Guitar Don't Lie
11. Piece Of Mind
12. In Your Loving Arms
13. Cry To Me
14. Handbags & Gladrags
15. Out Of Time
16. Miss You Fever
17. Rock And Roll Soldier
18. Moanin'

Chris Farlowe (Vocals), Norman Beaker (Guitar, Vocals), Dave Lewis (Sax), Paul Burgess (Drums), John Price (Bass), Dave Baldwin (Keyboards).
* Norman Beaker Band tracks.