PUBLISH DATE: October 2003 - Blues Matters! Issue 16

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Delicious Records DEL 116 

If, like me, you had lost touch with the music of  Chris Farlowe  you will be amazed at the energy, originality and variety of this lastest CD.  At 63, his voice is as rich and strong as it was when he started out 42 years ago. Farlowe's tremendous vocal range is evidcent on all the tracks but particularly Sending Me Angels, Let's Get Together' and Only You.  Not many artists can upstage Van Morrison but that is what Chris does in their duet on Sitting On Top Of The World, penned by Van especially for the album.  Chris Farlowe draws upon his vast repertoire of musical styles, and whether it's soul, rock or blues he sing with his hallmark integrity and passion.  For me though, its the pure blues, which really hit the mark, epitomised by Nina and I'll Sing The Blues for YouRy Cooder's Borderline is also a classic, with Farlowe accompanied only by Miller Anderson on rhythm and slide guitars. 

If there's a better supporting band than Norman Beaker's I have yet to hear it; tremendous musicans in their own right, they are a perfect complement to the lead singer.  Lenni is the consummate saxaphone player who adds texture and mood to the songs; Irene and Doreen Chanter on backing vocals are also top notch.

Whilst Out of Time can never be surpassed chart wise there are better songs in this collection such As Long As I Can See The Light, Only You, and Sitting on Top Of The World which with the right exposure could and should be Top Ten hits.  Kris Gray demonstrates his production talents by not over-producing the album but ensuring it is a showcase for the high calibre musicians,  BM Readers and music lovers everywhere should bombard shops with requests for Farlowe.

Dave 'The Bishop' Scott