AUTHOR: Bess Coleman, EMI RECORD LTD Press Office
PUBLISH DATE: September 1963
Thanks to Pete Nobes for the article.

An early biography of Chris and his Thunderbirds by EMI Records

It was in the days when the skiffle craze was at its height that young John Deighton decided that he wanted to become a singer. So with some of his friends he started his own group consisting of two guitars, bass, drums and a wash-board - and he took the position at the microphone. That was the beginning for John - now Chris Farlowe.

Born on October 30, 1940, Chris left school at 16 and became a joiner's apprentice in a London firm.

"I had sung a bit during my schooldays" says Chris. "When in 1958 I formed a skiffle group and we used to play about three nights a week at dances and pubs in the Islington area. After a year the group split up and I formed another one. This time we concentrated on the rhythm and blues type of music and called ourselves The Johnny Burn Rhythm and Blues Quartet".

In 1959, Chris met
Bob Taylor lead guitarist with another group - now The Thunderbirds. They were looking for a vocalist and Chris obliged.

Two years ago the outfit decided to make a demo disc of their efforts. It took a long time for anything to happen, but in November of last year they were asked by a record company to make a disc, which, says Chris "
Was a king-sized flop".

A month's stint in a German nightclub followed, but by this time the group had got a little disheartened and decided to "pack it in" and return to their old jobs.

Four months ago things started to happen again.
Mike Collier of Micol Productions had heard about the group and got in touch with them. He liked what he heard and recorded them. The result can be heard on Columbia as Chris sings I REMEMBER - a number which Chris penned himself - coupled with PUSH PUSH.

Off the record Chris is 5' 10", has blue eyes and brown hair. His likes include fishing, interior decorating, songwriting, modern jazz and shooting.

The Thunderbirds - Line-up

Bob Taylor: Born June 6th, 1942 in London and plays lead guitar with the Group. Once a printer, he tuned professional three years ago and has been with The Thunderbirds since they were formed.

Vic Cooper: Born in Oxford on December 13, 1942. Plays piano, saxophone and organ. Was an insurance clerk before turning professional. Joined The Thunderbirds in March this year. 

Ricky Cavello: Was born in Battersea 23 years ago and was formerly a stone mason. Plays bass guitar and has been with the group since it was formed. 

Jimmy Campbell: Was born in Glasgow in February 2, 1940. Left school at 15 to work in a law office and then turned professional musician. Plays drums and has been with the outfit for four months.

With compliments of Bess Coleman Press Office EMI Records Ltd
September 1963