PUBLISH DATE: 29th April 2002

Tuck in, only half an hour to go!

Chris Farlowe & The Norman Beaker Band
In Leer, The Zollhaus, April 7th, 2002
Leer is a really pretty town situated on the river Ems and we spent a couple of pleasant hours enjoying the Spring sunshine, having a beer with Chris in one of the street cafes. 

The Zollhaus was another fascinating venue (why is it that in Germany the clubs all seem to be in interesting and unusual  buildings)? Formerly a customs warehouse; it was a huge, dusty warehouse with wonderful original architectural features - an amazing timber floor and massive timber supporting beams.

The Norman Beaker Band
Cavernous and rambling with several storeys it would be easy to get lost in here! We had a look round in the afternoon and could hear Dave Lewis playing his sax somewhere but couldn't actually find him! It was that sort of place.

Actually wherever we
went, Dave would find a quiet corner and play his sax, we even heard him playing in his hotel room - though with the great sounds he makes, no one could ever complain!
Coffee for Chris, I'll have something stronger
This was to be our final gig before returning to the UK so we were determined to enjoy ourselves (and we did).

It was a Sunday, so maybe this kept some folk away.  However, though fewer in number than at previous venues, the audience listened intently and responded enthusiastically.

Two sets were performed; the highlight of the first being '
Lonesome Road', featuring a great sax solo from Dave Lewis which was really appreciated by the audience.

Once again, everyone joined in with '
All or Nothing', Chris taking time out to remember it's writer, Steve Marriot, who was also his good friend.

The Guitar Don't Lie' was excellent, as usual Chris asking the audience not to applaud too much in case the Band asked for more money!  
Nice tee-shirt Chris

The second set opened with a great version of '
A Little Hollywood' complete with customized lyrics extolling the virtues of visiting Bonn!  By time Chris launched into 'Shaky Ground' the crowd were really ready to boogie (Adrian especially so which seemed to amuse Norman somewhat!).

ks to Chris for mentioning his 'travelling fan club' - though I think Adrian's  over enthusiastic acknowledgment of  this may have confused/frightened a few people!

 'Out of Time' brought the second set to a close and the ensuing cheers and applause equalled that of an audience three times the size! An encore of 'Miss You Fever' and 'Cry To Me' brought the evening to a close and we quite sad to think that it was for us, the last gig.

Back at the hotel, Kris Gray produced a bottle of Jim Beam and we provided the 'nibbles' (hope you enjoyed the crisps, Norman), for an impromptu social gathering in our room and it goes without saying that it was another agreeable (but late) night and a fitting end to our 'holiday'.

The next morning, it seemed strange that they were setting off for Bonn without us and the van had to undergo some major reorganization due to the fact t
hat Chris and his luggage was now joining the rest of the Band in economy class.  However, we did manage a dignified farewell and waved them off without resorting to hankies! 

Chris and the Band went on to do eleven more gigs and we returned to the UK so our review has to stop here. If anyone has any photos of the other gigs or would like to write a short review, send us an email. It would really be appreciated and it would be great to have a complete record of the tour from the fans perspective.

We had a fantastic time in Germany with some great memories and meeting Farlowe folk on the tour. Thanks to Chris, Kris, Norman and the guys for having us and to all the venue owners we met, your hospitality was brilliant, we felt we were treated like part of the band! and thanks for the beers....

Best wishes to all, Pam & Adrian
Norman conducts the departure, Chris & Kris sit at the back ready for Bonn

Set 1 Set 2 Encore
1. Option On You Baby *NBB
2. I Don't Wanna Sing The Blues No More
3. Lonesome Road
4. All Or Nothing
5. The Guitar Don't Lie
6. Stormy Monday Blues
7. A Little Hollywood *NBB
8. Blue As Blues Can Get
9. Tough On Me, Tough On You
10. Shaky Ground
11. Peace Of Mind
12. Handbags & Gladrags
13. In Your Loving Arms
14. Out Of Time
15. Miss You Fever
16. Cry To Me