PUBLISH DATE: 3rd August 2003


On Wednesday 30th July John & I made the 100 mile journey to London, excited at the prospect of being in the TOTP2 audience to see Chris & the Beaker Band.

We parked the car not far from the BBC Studios and made our way to the
Main Reception where we spotted Kris, Ziggy and Damian. We enquired about our tickets and were told to collect them from the ticket allocation office a few yards down the road. When we arrived the queue was mainly made up of youngsters (TOTP was being recorded as well as TOTP2) but then we spotted four more mature persons; we got chatting and discovered they were Farlowe fans Colin & Alison Hawes and Paul & John Feazey.

We were taken to the foyer and then into the TOTP recording studio where we met up with
Pam & Adrian; those two wonderful people who do a fantastic job running Chris & Norman’s websites.

The DJ explained what would happen during the evening and where the cameras and cables were. Then we had to rehearse clapping, cheering & jumping up & down for when the acts came on (as if us Farlowe fans needed to rehearse!).

Chris & the Norman Beaker Band, along with the
Chanter sisters, were first on stage. Adrian & I eased our way to the front leaving our respective partners to blend with the rest of the audience. We felt slightly out of place with all the youngsters, but I think we showed them that we can get just as excited as them when our hero is performing!

When Chris sang ‘
Handbags & Gladrags’ the young audience certainly warmed to Chris; he showed them how it should be sung! It was the first time John and I had heard ‘I’ll Leave The Light On’ live and we were extremely impressed.

He finished the set with ‘
Out Of Time’ and we think Chris may have gained a few hundred more fans that night.

The decision was made not to stay for the boy bands. We were able to say a quick hello to
Chris, Norman, John, Dave and Damian, then said goodnight to Pam & Adrian and made our way back to the car for our journey home.

Being part of the TOTP2 recording was a fantastic experience and we are now looking forward to seeing Chris & the Norman Beaker Band on the TV, and hopefully ourselves in the audience!