PUBLISH DATE: Circa 1966
Thanks to Pete Nobes for the article.

HI-FI man Chris with his AKAI tape deck

An interesting insight into one of Chris' hobbies!
SOUL MAN Chris Farlowe, like so many pop artists today, not only sings on stage and makes records.

He's a "professional" and he lives pop day and night, and as you might expect when he's not busy travelling and working, Chris is writing and recording songs with
Albert Lee, the proficient young guitarist who plays with Chris's Thunderbirds.

"I do most of the recording over at Albert's place because it's most convenient. I've got a stereo
Akai tape recorder, and we use a Vortexion as well. The Akai is a Japanese machine, it's bloody marvelous. You can record with it all over the place. I think it would work upside down even. Hang it on the wall-it's a very versatile recorder.

Incorporating the Vortexion as well we can multi-track record, and do just about anything which means we can prepare completely before going into the studios. The
Thorens gram deck is about the best. The pick-up arm is as light as a feather so I don't ruin all my records.

I've got a big collection of records and tapes, so I want to look after them. The
Leak amplifier has got a lot of power which I need 'cos I'm a bit deaf-you know standing in front of the Thunderbirds for years.

Apart from that I've got a lot of bits and pieces, reverb units, mikes, an echo unit-all that kind of stuff-and I have a lot of fun with it all."

Thorens gramophone turntable.
50-watt Leak stereo amplifier.
Akai portable tape recorder.
Two Akai 10" speakers with tweeters.
Secondary Dynachord 'Eminent'.
Vortexion tape recorder.
Fender reverberation unit.
Shure microphones.