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International Festival in Moscow

Chris Farlowe & The Norman Beaker Band recently appeared in Russia on the 14th December 2001.

Check out the latest photos and read the reviews from the Russian newspapers about the event.
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Photographs courtesy of Kris Gray & John Price


Photo taken in Red Square.

The chaps look cold, but they're still smiling. Nice hat Chris!

Right to Left:

Chris Farlowe, Kris Gray, Norman Beaker, Dave Baldwin, John Price, Lenni and Paul Burgess.


Chris Dave, Norman and Kris Paul, Lenni and John

Russian Newspaper Cuttings... Warning - something may have been lost in the translation...  

Thanks to Nickolay Arutyunov for sending Kris Gray the following newspaper cuttings and thanks to Stanley Unwin for the translations, we hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did !!!

"Itogi" magazine. Fragment of article about jam-sessions in Moscow in last year.

Recently Nickolay Aroutyunov came up to concert scene of "
Luzhniki" to sing with Chris Farlowe, star of British blues. 

Aroutyunov did not occupy an experience - he happened to perform with
B. B. King and Johnny Copeland, to jam with musicians from Status Quo and Stray Cats.

 "For me Farlowe is a top vocalist, - tells Aroutyunov - I've listened to him already for 25 years. I came up on the stage with enormous encouragement , which was supported by Chris and his band, they are very warm people. We sang with Chris classical
Stormy Monday Blues, interleaving verses, and have finished with vocal roll-call".

Before New Year fuss,
moscow Blues-Summit festival has become an event for the true fans this stiletto only. Instead of two days it went the whole one - because of the loss of whilst in transit number of west actors, who were promised to be brought to Moscow. For example, Mick Taylor didn't arrived, but present legend of british blues Chris Farlowe approachet to "Luzhniki". Name of Chris Farlowe is not familiar for "non bluesmans" so, as, possible, name of B. B. King, but from this value of persona, based Thunderbirds and sang in Colosseum, not a bit does not decrease.

The Festival was opened by being in the remarkable form ?-roudz of Sergei Voronov. Then Nickolay Aroutyunov sang about "
mercedes benz" and, having presented Chris Farlowe, has escaped. But, as it is realized, not for ever. On the fifth song of Chris Farlowe's set (classical Stormy Monday Blues) he reappeared nearby presented him to public maestro, and they together created frantic jam with vocal duels and all that is supposed.

Renderred that Aroutyunov and Farlowe were presented to each other before, and even rehearsed the song. On reactions of veteran was seen that quality of duo has satisfied him. Actually, "
russians" in this day were not bad - emerged after Farlowe Yardbirds looked less certain, than ?-Roudz. Well, we shall not to try to describe the impressions of Nickolay Aroutyunov from the joint appearance with idol of his youth. More simply is to look at the photo.

Newspaper "Vechernaya Moskva": "Unheated blues"

At a saturday on the Sport arena "Luzhniki" was consisted "Blues-Summit" - "a festival of present blues", as pretentious was declaired on the posters. To tell the truth, else pair such "present festivals" - and blues will deprive its own last the most faithfull listeners.


Begin with that exactly half from declared in the poster of participants was not. Because of this festival lasted not 2 days, but 1. Yes and in general, is it possible to name a festival a concert, in which were participated the whole 3 bands.

Stage for the festival, seems, was chosen with closed eyes. To listen such warm music, as a blues, in the cool hockey box and on ice, coated with carpets, is like to kiss a television set, when there is
Natalia Oreiro on the screen. 

Did organizers really counted, that blues concert with the bad advertisment could collect 7 thousand persons? Or even 3? Spectators were less than a thousand.


Chris signs a wall at the
B.B King club in Moscow
Norman Beaker & John Price at St Basils Chris with Nick Arutyunov, Russia's No1 CF fan
and influenced by Chris


As to music, all sounded for the palace of sport not bad, and groups were completely well. At least 2 from 3. Drolly, but that, who was fixed as a headliners - englishmen Yardbirds - looked more pale than the rest. Strictly, blues was not in their music specifically. Sooner, this was such a naive psichodelik of middle 60-s. Moreover, all sounded exactly so, as then. And they were not rush enough.
The first emerged was our Crossroads. Probably, for englishmen their level was a surprise. But we know, that this command for more than 10 years history was not once brought to present our blues here and there. New was an appearance in the band a harper. 
Chris, Nickolay and Lenni

A small young guy, from afar reminded singer Vitas on the background of 4 long haired invoiced men looked much drolly. But played well.

Nickolay Aroutyunov came up to present the second participant - Chris Farlowe Band (englishmen too). On such event he even sang his famous vocalise "Mercedes Benz". Afterwards he delivered a speech on Chris Farlowe. It was understandable, hi is his idol. Aroutyunov had presented Farlowe as "best voice of the world". I swear, said was not far away from the truth. Here was, when I once again had felt sorry, that there was not many people in the hall. After all, the whole generation grew up in our country, which does not suspect, that it is possible to sing so! Chris sang, unfortunatally, not much - less than hour, but this was a time of a real blues drive. 
Chris and Nickolay

Well, the culmination of evening become a moment, when already Chris Farlowe himself had invited Nickolay Aroutyunov to sing with him "
Stormy Monday Blues". Spectators got hot so, that they had thrown their own fur coats and coats.
If to consider Aroutyunov as a pupil of Farlowe (but as was heard by us it was so), the teacher can be pleased: in Russia his deal is in reliable hands.